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When exchanging currency for a large purchase, there are a number of crucial factors to consider and the exchange rate is the one of the most important.

FX Introducer works with clients on a daily basis supporting their foreign exchange to pay tuition fees, buy or sell property as well as those who are lucky enough to emigrate to warmer climes.

Many of our clients are based in the United Arab Emirates and use our service to exchange currency for property investments in London and New York.

If you own a property in another country it is very likely you will having to make and receive payments in a foreign currency. FX Introducer will find you the best exchange rates in the market. All transfers that you make are free of charge with market-leading exchange rates. There is no hassle and no contract or tie-in. You setup an account via us and get the best exchange rates, simple. There are no hidden fees and no commission for you to pay.