It’s no joke, timing really is the key to getting the best foreign currency returns!

It’s no joke, timing really is the key to getting the best foreign currency returns!

They say the secret to good comedy is timing! We say, the secret to maximising your foreign exchange returns is timing too!

Most businesses look for the best spot rates when they have currency to buy or sell. Whilst it is important to identify the best exchange rate at any given point, it is much more important to plan ahead and time those transactions correctly.

At, we offer free independent advice to help businesses and private clients, to maximise returns from foreign currency transactions.

We work with the best industry experts to provide you with the latest market intelligence and strategic advice. Our strategic analysts will help you to develop personalised strategies, including the use of several important tools to get the best short and long term returns. These include a combination of FORWARDS, SPOTS, STOPS and occasionally LIMIT ORDERS.

As work with a panel of specialist FX brokers, we are uniquely placed to provide an independent benefits driven view. What’s more, our services are completely free of charge and with no contractual obligation to use a particular broker.

Our market leading panel of brokers do not charge transaction fees (unlike some banks), and are on average up to 6% cheaper than banks when they execute such trades.

Remember, there is no obligation to use a particular broker, no set up costs, no transaction charges and the bottom line is that we will add value on your foreign exchange rates by guiding you with recent and future market trends and optimising the timing and execution of your transaction.
In particular, businesses and individuals looking to buy Dollars and sell Euros may benefit from a forward contract to hedge against adverse market movements.

Lets meet for a coffee and have a chat about how we can add value to you and your clients.

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